Buildings in Avalon Heroes play a critical part in the gameplay, as they must be destroyed in order to win each game. Each base consists of four (or six, depending on the map) Outposts, two Mob Barracks, a Creature Barrack flanked by two Creature Towers, six Guard Towers, two Cannon Towers, three Radars, two Spiritual Towers, and a single Sacred Nest. While the objective of the game is to destroy the Sacred Nest, it is invulnerable until the two Spiritual Towers are destroyed, which in turn are invulnerable until all three barracks are destroyed, which in turn are (with the exception of the Creature Barrack) invulnerable until the corresponding Outposts are destroyed. As such, they pose difficult targets to demolish. All buildings share the Building armor type, which halves damage from all damage types save Special.

Sacred Nest

The target of every game, the Sacred Nest is the most durable building on the map, at 10000 HP and 35 Defense. It lacks an attack, requiring the heroes to defend it. As a result of its defenses, teams without spawns or creatures or the Giant Dust Golem need to be wary, as an ill-timed attack can lead to the entire team being killed, allowing for a counterattack. Once the Sacred Nest becomes vulnerable to attack, the option to call the game a cold game is disabled.

Spiritual Tower

The last line of defense, the Spiritual Tower is the strongest defensive structure on the map, dealing 350 damage. Its slowing ability can also lead to the demise of unobservant heroes passing it by. The Spiritual Towers are placed in such a way that attacking one from one side can prevent the other from firing upon the attacker. While they are devastating in conjuction with several Guard Towers firing upon its target, by themselves, Spiritual Towers will rarely pose a threat to heroes who have already destroyed the barracks.


Optional to victory, the three Radars help pinpoint where the Guardian should warp if heroes or creatures intrude. Destroying the Radars will prevent the Guardian from responding to threats. While they have relatively little HP and Defense, they regenerate damage quickly. In addition, all three Radars are, fittingly enough, within the Guardian's teleport range, and an attempt on them will draw the Guardian's attention. As a result, they are generally ignored, and the Guardian is targeted first.

Cannon Tower

Also optional to victory, Cannon Towers do nothing until an ammo type is selected by the team and the tower is turned on. After that, Cannon Towers will fire on invading creatures automatically, inflicting damage to the target and everything around it. Doing so drains the team's Pera, or common resources. An often-ignored feature, Cannon Towers can effortlessly repel an enemy push if used in a timely manner.

Guard Tower/Creature Tower

Scattered throughout the base, the Guard Tower (and the two next to the Creature Barrack, called Creature Towers) exists only to fire upon invaders. While their attack is fairly powerful, their rate of fire is lower than that of the Outposts. Generally, although not tantamout to victory, they are destroyed before the Spiritual Towers are destroyed to minimize damage taken by the attacking team.

Creature Barrack

Located in the center of the base's exterior, the Creature Barrack stores items obtained while creeping in order to summon creatures, powerful beings that can inflict incredible damage to the opposing team's base. The Creature Barrack is very durable, although because of the way it operates, its exact HP and Defense is unknown. If the Creature Barrack is ever destroyed, the attacking team's Pera will be distributed evenly as gold to everyone in the team the next time gold is distributed, as the Cannon Towers no longer need it to fire. Because of this, destroying the Creature Barrack in smaller games can lead to enough gold to finish a hero's item set. In some maps, the Creature Barrack doubles as a Mob Barrack, creating spawns of its own.

Mob Barrack

The source of the computer ally's primary offense, Mob Barracks produce the spawns that travel down the lanes. Generally, two spawns are generated from each barrack, while some maps have them generate four. Mob Barracks generally have a Guard Tower in front of them to protect them in addition to the spawns. While resilient, Mob Barracks can fall to multiple heroes attacking, and are particularly susceptible to three or four waves of spawns stacking and attacking simultaneously. Destroying these buildings prevents the generation of spawns for that lane, meaning their destruction is crucial to securing a lead in a battle.


The bane of early-game, Outposts are stationed in pairs (usually) near the center of each lane, ready to shoot anything that stumbles into their range. With powerful attacks, Outposts can easily make short work of heroes and spawns alike. Due to their fairly high rate of fire, Outposts can often fire multiple projectiles at foes that hit them even after leaving the Outpost's range, thus securing a kill. Despite this, Outposts are of average staying power, and a hero that can disregard their attacks can easily put an end to them. In addition, the Giant Dust Golem is powerful enough to destroy a set of Outposts by itself. If the Outposts are destroyed early in the game, the disadvantage can prove too much to overcome.