Oriens Ignes
Ignes is a tank type hero with close range attacks. Due to his excellent amount of HP, it is him who leads the attack in the front lines of battle


Ignes is a PHY hero

STR: 17

AGI: 17

INT: 17

PHY: 24


Hardness of the Elemental King - Passive, HP Increase 40%

Hellfire - Active, Effect Diameter (12m) Target (Hero, Monster, Creature), Magic Damage: 360, Faint (2 seconds)

Taunt - Active, Effect Diameter (20m) Target (Hero, Monster, Creature, Guardian) Pierces Magic Immunity. Draws the attack of nearby enemies.

Sacrifice of Fire - Active, Effect Diameter (24m) Target (Hero, Monster, Creature) Duration (20 seconds), Movement speed Increase: 100, Splash Damage:140

Mana Evaporation (500 SP required) - Active, Distance (10m) Target (Hero, Monster, Creature) MP Damage: 440, HP decrease equal to the amount of MP damage.

Ultimate Defense (1250 SP required) - Switch, Effect Diameter (6m) Target (Hero, Monster, Creature) Splash Damage: 48, Defense Increase: 10, HP Recovery Increase: 10


Ignes is a PHY hero which mean you should only max his HP and defense.

You will know ignes is a really good tank type hero if you follow this itembuild:

1: Brown Boots

2. HP 300 stones

3. HP 300 stones

4. if enemy have hiding character, buy stone of truth vision. follow 5 if enemy don't have hiding character.

5. HP 300 stone

6. HP 300 stone . now, you should level 9-10 and had 2800-3000 HP. the resaon for keep buying hp 300 stone is to max your hp to 3000hp at level 10 so you can tank well.

7. Sell brown boots and buy dark boots.

8. if you have detect, sell 1 hp 300 stone and upgrade to shield of truth vision. follow 8 if you didn't buy detect.

9. upgrade PHY item. armor of trandsant hardness. ( i forgot the full name but you should know what is it. )

10. Spell Breaking armor

11. Hell gate keeper .( the last PHY item ) or if you have enough moeny, buy tunic .

Skills BuildEdit

Hell fire , Mana drain and Taunt

raise Hell fire at level 1, then Mana drain. put 1 point to taunt at level 3 or 4. then Max Mana drain to level 4 first.